Toilet Soap
Toilet Soap REMOLAN - Stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, Make your hair recover its natural color, prevent hair graying, Have depilatory effect on hair


High quality REMOLAN toilets soaps are manufactured in Ukraine on basis of REMOLAN hair loss remedies. REMOLAN soaps are effective if you need to:

  • Stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss (for men/for women)
  • Make your hair recover its natural color, prevent hair graying (for men/for women)
  • Have depilatory effect on hair (for women)

In no way REMOLAN hair loss remedies could be introduced in any formula of any shampoo or balsam, because of the fundamental difference in their structure: the remedy is made by 100% of natural substances, unlike shampoos and balsams, made by of synthetic ingredients. Soap is the best way to combine exclusive properties of REMOLAN remedies with other natural ingredients.

Toilet Soap REMOLAN - Stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss (for men/for women)

Some manufacturers combine synthetic components with herbs, but in this case they use as a preservative such a harmful agent as methyldibromglutaronitrile. Dr. Ian White, Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Control over Cosmetics and Non-foods, states that this agent is able to cause allergy, itch, tumors and skin diseases.

During the last 10 years the number of people reporting complaints of allergic skin reactions increased in Europe by 5 times, Dr. Ian White says. And this is due to the extensive use of the said agent ("Fakty" newspaper, AUG.16th, 2002, quotation from "The Times", UK).

Toilet Soap REMOLAN - Make your hair recover its natural color, prevent hair graying (for men/for women)

REMOLAN, toilet soap for hair, contains natural high quality fats. Engineering procedure allows to preserve tonic's efficiency and characteristics in soap and to exclude any preservatives or stabilizers. The soap does not cause allergy, skin irritation or other side effects.

That’s why the soap is the most convenient form for combining REMOLAN remedies with other necessary elements.

That’s why we offer you soap with its natural components and herbs, and not shampoos and balsams, made of synthetic ingredients.

The toilet soap REMOLAN is recommended for prevention of hair loss and for treatment of early stages of alopecia, as well as for greasy hair. It's effective against dandruff and seborrhea. The soap stimulates hair growth.

Use of REMOLAN toilet soap is recommended in the recovery periods after diseases and stresses; after gestation period; after sea baths, and in any other conditions having negative impact on hair.

Toilet soap REMOLAN for prevention of hair graying, for recuperation of hair's natural color.

Two types of the toilet soap for hair REMOLAN are produced and offered separately for women and for men, as such products have different formula.

Application of the toilet soap for hair REMOLAN during 3-4 months improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens hair bulbs structure, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. It restores to the hair its natural vitality and beauty; eliminates dandruff and seborrhea. May be used in any age and for any type of hair.

In the very beginning of use of the toilet soap REMOLAN the peeling of the scalp occurs, as the dead cells of epithelium are being removed. It may have such manifestation as appearance of dandruff. But once the capillary blood circulation is restored, dandruff will also cease, and the skin becomes clean.

Toilet Soap REMOLAN, to prevent hair loss, to stimulate hair growth, to prevent hair graying:

Directions for use:

Distribute soap on the hair, make foam and keep for 3-4 minutes, massaging lightly the scalp. Wash off the soap with the warm water. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times. Application of soap every 2-3 days is highly recommended. To soften your hair after the treatment with the soap, you may use shampoos, balsams and/or conditioners for hair.

REMOLAN toilet soap contains only a small proportion of the hair remedy REMOLAN! That's why the soap will not be as effective as the hair remedy REMOLAN! The REMOLAN toilet soap shall be used for prophylactic purposes.

For treatment of severe forms of hair loss and alopecia (bald-patch), you will need to use the hair loss remedy REMOLAN.

To restitute the natural color to your hair, use remedies REMOLAN for elimination and/or prevention of graying, and recuperation of natural color of your hair.



REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal (for women).

REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal (for women)

Toilet soap REMOLAN helps in hair removal from the undesired places: legs, underarm, bikini line. The soap is applied for cleaning face and body, avoiding eyelashes, eyebrows and head hair. You'll achieve better results if you use it every day for a long period of time.

REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal shall not be compared to depilatory solutions. Using the REMOLAN toilet soap simultaneously with applying depilatory products results in decrease of hair growth, the periods between depilation sessions become longer, the hair becomes thin and falls out.

As the result of everyday use of REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal the hair becomes thin and colourless because of the lower melanin concentration until it turns into peach fuzz and falls out and the skin remains smooth and elastic.

The effect of REMOLAN hair removal solution contained in the soap is conditioned with the fact that in the total mixture of alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, volatile oils there are substances with a powerful sedative effect on the hair follicle (hair bulb), and the tanning agents present act as catalysts, providing for the natural process of "sleeping" the bulbs.

As the result the hair bulbs sleep with no disorders of capillary circulation, no painful depilation procedures, without laser rays, killing the hair bulbs that will result in premature withering and aging of skin. No disorders of skin structure. REMOLAN toilet soap stops unwanted hair growth and assists hair removal.

The duration of usage of REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal to achieve the desired results is strictly individual and depends on the experience of depilatory products use, hair coarseness, their thickness (especially after the frequent shaving). To achieve the desired results it should be used not less than for a year.

REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal is designed for women and won't produce the desirable effect if used by men.

REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal can not substitute REMOLAN hair removal remedy with regards to its efficiency.

REMOLAN toilet soap for hair removal contains only a small amount REMOLAN hair removal substance! That is why its effect will not be as powerful as that of the REMOLAN hair removal remedy.

REMOLAN hair growth remedies can be purchased in our head office situated in Vinnytsia (Ukraine) or order on-line.