By Ukraine's Ministry of Public Health
№ 05.03.02-04/62961 of 22.12.2006
REMOLAN - Cosmetics hair remover for women

Cosmetics hair remover for women
(for external use).



REMOLAN, organic cosmetics hair remover (for female use) inhibits unwanted hair growth and facilitates hair removal from such areas as legs, arms, underarms, bikini area. Is effective at any age and for any types of hair.

REMOLAN - Cosmetics hair remover for women

REMOLAN hair remover is indicated for women, and is not effective for men.

REMOLAN hair remover is used to remove unwanted hair from body and facial areas, avoiding, during applications, contact with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair on the scalp area. REMOLAN hair remover, used along with a method of hair removal habitual for you (shaving, depilation, etc.) progressively inhibits hair growth in treated areas, increases intervals between hair removal procedures, makes unwanted hair thinner and thinner, and, at least, causes unwanted hair to fall out.

Brief product description:

REMOLAN hair remover is a highly concentrated dark-brown lotion, having specific smell of medicinal herbs. Alcohol based natural product, manufactured under special technology.

Formulation and action:

Contains selected plant components originating from ecological areas: alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and essential oils, combined in certain proportion.

REMOLAN hair remover does not contain hormones, preservatives and artificial additives, does not provoke allergy, skin irritation or other side effects.

Efficiency of REMOLAN hair remover is based on keratolytic properties of plants, and by presence, in the total mix of alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and essential oils, of pharmacologically active substances with powerful sedative (inhibiting) effect on hair follicle (hair bulb), resulting in gradual dormancy of hair bulbs.

REMOLAN hair remover has antipruritic, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, due to the rich content of essential oils, and, especially, to the presence of monoterpene eucalyptole. Glycoside viburnin is a main agent causing dormancy of hair bulbs. Tannins perform the function of catalyst, and intensify the action of REMOLAN hair remover.

Main result of REMOLAN hair remover is hair bulbs dormancy. Advantages of REMOLAN application: the treatment is pain-free (in contrast to treatments with depilatories), does not lead to early aging of skin (in contrast to laser hair removal, killing hair bulbs), does not cause disturbs in capillary circulation, does not result in impairment of skin structure, but simply makes hair bulbs fall asleep.

Unwanted hair becomes soft, then colorless, after intake of melanin is discontinued, then fall out, leaving the skin smooth and elastic.

Lost hair bulbs become dormant forever, no hair will ever grow from them!

REMOLAN hair remover does not cause any side effects.

Directions for use:

Stir before use.

Rub remover with soft pellet during 15-30 minutes into the area of unwanted hair. Leave for 3-4 hours. Alternatively, leave REMOLAN hair remover on the interested area for the whole night (7-9 hours).

Repeat the procedure every day or every second day. Duration of treatment with REMOLAN hair remover depends on the strength of hair bulb and hair rigidity (especially after frequent shaving), but may vary from 6 to 18 months. Since REMOLAN has antipruritic, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, we recommend to perform applications of hair remover immediately after depilation. Within one (1) course of treatment (lasting approximately 12 months) about 30-40% of unwanted hair is removed once for all.

Important note:

Small sediment may appear.

Avoid contact with eyes, mucosa, and with areas from which the hair should not be removed! In case of contact rinse with abundant quantity of water. Do not ingest! Keep out of reach of children! Keep away from open flame!

Storage conditions:
  • Keep REMOLAN, hair remover in a cool dark place.
  • Expiry date 12 months from date of issue printed on the package.


The REMOLAN hair remedies are produced in laboratories in limited quantities, as the production capacities depend on the amount of herbs collected in the natural environment.

The REMOLAN hair remedies are made of natural components (medical herbs) and do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or stabilisers.

You may buy the REMOLAN remedies in our head office in Vinnitsa (Ukraine), or order via Internet. You will certainly receive the ordered REMOLAN remedy by mail service to any country of the world you indicate.


Retail package weight:
800g net weight ±5%
REMOLAN - Cosmetics hair remover for women
400g net weight ±5%
REMOLAN - Cosmetics hair remover for women


Tested by:

"O. M. Marzeev" Research Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of Ukraine's Academy of Medical Sciences

№ 33.3/6371 issued on 20.12.2006

Resolution as for the compliance with the hygienic standards:

Laboratory of Hygiene of Novel Chemicals, Preparations and Biomonitoring: hair remover for women REMOLANTM complies with the hygienic standards, is recommended for use.

№ 05.03.02-04/62961 issued on 22.12.2006

Resolution of the State Board for Hygiene and Sanitary Control, Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine:

Hair remover for women REMOLANTM are safe for use, comply with the sanitary regulations of Ukraine.

№ 5.04.03/3799 issued on 17.11.2000

Minutes of the Sanitary Control:

4066/3415 issued on 7.11.2001

Certificate No. 37 of Permanent Control for Radiation, issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine on:

№ 37 issued on 06.10.2003

Registered with the National Department for Intellectual Property, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, on 18.05.2007

Certificate of State Registration ПА № 3195

Conformity certificate, issued by the Ukrainian Gosstandart (Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification):

№ UA1.022.0033793-11






REMOLAN products are manufactured and certified in Ukraine.