By the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health
№ 05.03.02-04/63506 issued on 25.12.2006
REMOLAN - Cosmetic remedy for hair growth, stops and prevents hair loss. For men with alopecia diffuse type and alopecia areata

Cosmetic remedy for hair growth, stops and prevents hair loss. For men with alopecia diffuse type and alopecia areata
(for external use only).




With REMOLAN hair loss remedies restoration of at least 80% of your hair is guaranteed. Besides, REMOLAN will make your hair beautiful, young and healthy, with no graying hair, but with the color you used to have in the best days of your youth. It will accentuate your youth and appeal.

Indications for use:

Natural remedy for hair loss REMOLAN shows men with a diffuse type of hair loss and alopecia areata for outdoor use. Apply at any age for all hair types. Applying cosmetics REMOLAN in androgenetic hair loss - is ineffective!

Depending on the degree of thinning hair on the head, the number of courses of loss remedies for hair growth REMOLAN for men may be different, depending on the quality and intensity of metabolic processes in the body.

General characteristics:
REMOLAN - Cosmetic remedy for hair growth, stops and prevents hair loss. For men with alopecia diffuse type and alopecia areata

REMOLAN hair growth product is a high concentration ointment of brownish color and specific smell. Prepared on the fat base with medicinal herbs using special technology

Composition and therapeutic effect:

Efficiency of REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies is explained by its ability to regenerate (stimulate) the dormant hair follicles (inactive cells). Unlike some hormonal remedies which stimulate hair growth of the "1st type" (lanugo type), REMOLAN ensures hair growth of the "2nd type" - healthy, young, of your natural colour without graying.

Contains herbs, gathered in ecologically clean areas, as well as microelements and vitamins, volatile oils, acids and minerals in a certain proportion.

The hair loss remedy REMOLAN contains no hormones, no preservatives, placental or artificial additives, does not evoke allergy, skin irritation or other side effects.

Synergetic effect of the hair loss product REMOLAN provides good penetration of the remedy through the epidermis and improves general metabolic process and lipid metabolism of hair bulbs (follicles).

The hair follicles receive balanced feeding due to the presence of volatile oils (apin and apigenine), bitter and tanning agents, salicylic acid and vitamins.

Chlorophyll, present in herbs, stimulates skin protein metabolism.

The hair loss remedy REMOLAN contains rare mineral boron, which, in combination with the fatty acids (saturated, mono, and poly-non-saturated) and vitamin E (tocopherol), activates hormones, responsible for growth of the hair follicles.

The hair loss remedy REMOLAN has good bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect due to its good resorption and lipotropic action. REMOLAN normalizes the function of the immune system, as this remedy inhibits T-suppressor, responsible for the inhibition of the immune system in the organism.

The hair follicle regeneration process and the strengthening of the skin capillaries on the head area are provided by the presence of vitamins C and K.

It normalizes permeability of the blood vessels and capillaries, dilates pores of the skin and normalizes the metabolism and keloid structure of epithelia. It cleans the scalp, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands REMOLAN improves hair elasticity and tonicizes the roots, eliminates dandruff and seborrhea, restores to the hair its original color, brilliance and healthy look.

No contraindications are discovered. No side effects occurred when using the hair loss remedy REMOLAN .

Contraindication may be hypertension! Before applying any cosmetics consult with DR!

Instructions for use:

Before applying stir thoroughly the cold ointment until the homogeneous consistence is obtained.

Disperse 7 g of the REMOLAN hair loss remedy (1 tea-spoon) on the interested regions of the skin of the head, lightly massaging for 15-20 min (don't rub your hair and skin but massage the scalp with gentle orbital motions slightly pressing with fingers). Cover the head or put a coif (a cap) made of natural fabric (wool, flannel, etc.) for 3-4 hours. You may apply the product REMOLAN for 7-9 hours (for the whole night). Do not use impermeable materials (polyethylene, cellophane, etc.) to cover the head. Wash the hair with the warm water and shampoo.

We recommend applying the REMOLAN hair loss remedy every second or third day until you are satisfied with the results.


At the initiation of use of the REMOLAN hair loss and hair growth remedy, for 3-4 months:

  • a minor loss of hair with defective structure of the bulb (hair follicles) can be observed.
  • an increased dandruff formation and exfoliation (of epithelium of the scalp) because of the scalp cleansing (peeling) can occur.

Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact wash the eyes with the abundant quantity of water. Do not place in mouth, avoid ingestion. Keep out of the reach of children.

Storage conditions:
  • Keep REMOLAN hair loss remedy in a cool, dark place in the hermetically sealed container, at the temperature 4-6°C (in the refrigerator).
  • Expiry date 12 months from date of issue printed on the package..


The REMOLAN hair remedies are produced in laboratories in limited quantities, as the production capacities depend on the amount of herbs collected in the natural environment.

The REMOLAN hair remedies are made of natural components (medical herbs) and do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or stabilisers.

You may buy the REMOLAN remedies in our head office in Vinnitsa (Ukraine), or order via Internet. You will certainly receive the ordered REMOLAN remedy by mail service to any country of the world you indicate.


Volume of the product per unit is:
800g net weight ±5%
REMOLAN - Cosmetic remedy for hair growth, stops and prevents hair loss. For men with alopecia diffuse type and alopecia areata
400g net weight ±5%
REMOLAN - Cosmetic remedy for hair growth, stops and prevents hair loss. For men with alopecia diffuse type and alopecia areata


Tested by:

The Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology (Marzeyev Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences).

№ 33.3/6425 issued on 22.12.2006

Resolution as for the compliance with the hygienic standards:

Laboratory of Hygiene of Novel Chemicals, Preparations and Biomonitoring: hair tonic REMOLAN complies with the hygienic standards, is recommended for use.

№ 05.03.02-04/63506 issued on 25.12.2006

Resolution of the State Board for Hygiene and Sanitary Control, Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine:

Hair tonic REMOLAN are safe for use, comply with the sanitary regulations of Ukraine.

№ 5.04.03/3796-В issued on 17.11.2000

Minutes of the Sanitary Control:

4066/3413 issued on 7.11.2001

Certificate No. 37 of Permanent Control for Radiation, issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine on:

№ 37 issued on 06.10.2003

Registered with the National Department for Intellectual Property, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 26.06.2000

Certificate of State Registration ПА   № 3194

Conformity certificate, issued by the Ukrainian Gosstandart (Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification):

№ UA1.022.0033759-11






Cosmetics REMOLAN are manufactured and certified in Ukraine.