Hair loss and alopecia remedies, cosmetic remedy for hair growth and gray hair remedy.


Latest scientific research in the field of cell biology contributed new achievements in the prevention of hair loss and alopecia, and stimulation of hair growth. Implementation of cytokines (growth factors) allowed creation of the unique hair loss and hair growth remedies - REMOLAN (from the Greek: RE - "restoration, renewal"; MOLLIS - "hair"). The REMOLAN hair growth products remove and neutralise heavy metals and radionuclides in the hair bulbs, and restore blood circulation in the capillaries giving second birth to the hair follicles. Detailed information on hair loss.

The REMOLAN natural hair loss and hair growth cosmetic products give the men and women suffering from hair loss, diffuse type of hair loss and alopecia areata the chance to solve their problems without any surgical intervention. Applying cosmetics REMOLAN in androgenetic hair loss - is ineffective!

The basic components of the REMOLAN hair loss and hair growth remedies are the natural products, which do not cause any side effects, aimed at stimulation of the dormant hair cells (Inactive cells).

The REMOLAN hair loss and hair growth natural remedies are free of hormones, preservatives, placental and artificial additives and do not have such adverse reactions as allergy, skin irritation and other side effects.

The REMOLAN hair loss and hair growth remedies easily penetrate through the epidermis improving metabolism and skin lipid metabolism, increasing the biologic activity of hair bulbs. The REMOLAN remedies relief tissue tension contributing to hair roots strengthening. They stimulate protein metabolism and strengthen scalp capillary walls; activate the regeneration of hair follicles and activity of own hormones responsible for the hair follicles regeneration (reactivation); improve metabolism, and, as a result, open the melanin transportation channels leading to restoration of your natural hair color. The REMOLAN remedies prevent hair loss and alopecia.

No addiction is seen with REMOLAN hair growth remedies! Upon completion of the treatment with REMOLAN hair growth remedy, the natural mechanism of hair growth out of regenerated bulbs is restored.

The REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies are recommended to treat involutional (telogenic) alopecia and alopecia areata, as well as to prevent hair loss, alopecia and hair graying, and eliminate dandruff and seborrhea.

Taking into account the difference between the male and female hormonal statuses and biochemical processes, the REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies are produced in separate forms for men and women which differ in ingredients and production technologies.

One of the volunteers after treatment of hair loss and hair growth REMOLAN
According to one volunteer

The Ukrainian Scientific Centre of Hygiene examined the REMOLAN hair growth remedies. The research was performed in accordance with the Sanitary Regulations (Ukrainian Technical Specifications), "Medical Cosmetics Manual", edited by P. Mikhaylov, "Instruction for New Cosmetics Validation" No. 675-67, and procedures, recommended by the licensing authority.

Several groups of volunteers with different types of skin sensibility have been involved in the testing of REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies.

Based on the results of the test the REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies have no irritant or sensibilising effect and meet the hygienic requirements imposed to the relevant type of cosmetic products (Sanitary regulations

The REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies, taking into account their composition, belong to the 4th class of agents GOST 12.1.007-76 (State Standard - Ukrainian Technical Specifications) , LD50 per os > 5000 mg/kg; LD50 with the dermal intake > 2500 mg/kg.

The REMOLAN hair loss and growth remedies have been tested and approved by the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology n.a. Marzeyev of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Science and by the Laboratory of Hygiene of Novel Chemicals, Preparations and Biomonitoring, and meet the applicable sanitary law of Ukraine. The remedies are safe for health. The trade mark is registered with the State Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


The REMOLAN products are produced and certified in Ukraine.