By the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health
№ 05.03.02-04/63499 dated 25.12.2006
REMOLAN - Efficient treatment and prevention of gray hair, cosmetic product helping to rejuvenate natural hair color in women

Efficient treatment and prevention of gray hair, cosmetic product helping to rejuvenate natural hair color in women
(For external use only).


REMOLAN - from the Greek: RE - "restoration, renewal"; MOLLIS - "hair"


General description:

REMOLAN is a high-concentration preparation for prevention of graying, in the form of the alcohol tinctures brown color having specific smell medicinal plants.

Indications for use:
REMOLAN - Efficient treatment and prevention of gray hair, cosmetic product helping to rejuvenate natural hair color in women

REMOLAN, a cure for gray hair and prevention of graying. For women with hair graying, premature hair graying and gray hair in the young age. May be used at any age and for any type of hair. For external use only.

Duration of treatment with REMOLAN, gray hair solution, may vary significantly, increasing proportionally to the amount of gray hair on your head. On the early stages of graying, when the volume of gray hair is relatively small, you may need one 6-months course of treatment with REMOLAN. In case 50% or more of your hair is gray, you, probably, will need several courses of treatment.

In other words, you will need from 6 to 18 months to stop your hair graying, depending on how much gray hair you have. REMOLAN, a remedy for gray hair and prevention of graying, guarantee that your hair will stop graying. Besides, it will help to stop hair loss and to trigger your hair regrowth.

Remedy composition and therapeutic effect:

Remedy for gray hair and prevention of graying REMOLAN contains medicinal herbs, collected in ecological areas, as well as necessary microelements, vitamins, minerals and essential oils in precise proportion.

REMOLAN, efficient cure for gray hair and prevention of graying, does not contain hormones, preservatives, placenta supplements or artificial additives. The remedy does not cause allergy, skin irritation or any adverse response.

Complex, synergistic effect of the gray hair product REMOLAN is enhanced by its good penetration through epidermis, and results in improved metabolism in general, and improved skin lipid metabolism, in particular.

Hair follicles (hair bulbs) are properly nourished due to the presence in preparation's formula of the essential oils apin and apigenine, bitter and tanning agents, salicylic acid and vitamins.

Vitamins C and K trigger regeneration of hair bulbs, and help to elasticize capillaries of the scalp.

Vegetal chlorophyll stimulates protein metabolism in scalp.

REMOLAN contains boron, unique and very rare mineral, which, in combination with fatty acids (saturated, mono- and polyunsaturated) and vitamin E (tocopherol), triggers productivity of organism's own hormones, responsible for hair bulbs growth.

Gray hair remedy REMOLAN significantly improves proteins uptake by hair follicles. Proteins are needed to build erythrocytes (red blood cells), serving as vehicle delivering oxygen to hair bulbs. Importance of oxygen is explained by simple fact that no proper nourishment of hair bulbs is possible without this component. Regenerated hair follicles start to normally uptake melanin, rejuvenating natural hair color.

Cure for gray hair REMOLAN increases blood vessels and capillaries flow, opens skin pores, improves metabolism and keloid structure of epithelium. Positive effect obtained from treatment with gray hair remedy REMOLAN consists in peeling of scalp, normalization of function of sebaceous and sweat glands, elimination of dandruff and seborrhea.

No side effects, produced by gray hair remedy REMOLAN, are known.

Directions for use:

Stir before application, until the homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Massage 7g of the remedy (1 teaspoon) into the problem areas of the scalp during 5-10 minutes (don't rub your hair and skin but massage the scalp with gentle orbital motions slightly pressing with fingers), then cover the head with woolen or flannel cloth or put on a woolen or flannel cap, approximately for 3-4 hours. You also may apply the remedy for 7-9 hours, for the whole night sleep. Do not use polyethylene, cellophane or other hermetic materials! Then wash off preparation with warm water and hair care products (shampoo or soap).

Use gray hair product REMOLAN every second or third day, until hair follicles begin to uptake melanin, and hair with your natural color begin to grow (the color will first appear near the scalp, in hair roots). Since then you have the mechanism of hair bulbs regeneration restored, and those, consequently, will be able to produce melanin in a regular way, without any supporting treatments. (Remember, that melanin is a pigment which gives the hair its natural color.)


Hair dyes, hair mousses and hairspray can be applied when using the gray hair remedy REMOLAN as the REMOLAN remedy provides an effect on the hair follicles, not the hair itself.

Gray color (canities) will disappear gradually, starting from hair roots, by measure your hair grow, so to get your natural color on the whole length of hair will take its time. However, you will notice the result not earlier than in 3 or 4 months of treatment with gray hair product REMOLAN. .

The initiation of use of the REMOLAN gray hair treatment and prevention remedy, for the first 2-3 months, can be characterized by scalp cleansing (peeling), which may lead to an increased dandruff formation and exfoliation (of epithelium of the scalp). In due course, the scalp is cleaning, flakeoff is eliminated, dandruff and seborrhea disappear, and scalp becomes fresh and clean.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes rinse with abundant quantity of water. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children!

Storage conditions:
  • Keep REMOLAN, gray hair natural remedy in a cool dark place.
  • Expiry date 12 months from date of issue printed on the package.

Tested by:


"O. M. Marzeev" Research Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of Ukraine's Academy of Medical Sciences

№ 05.03.02-04/63504, dated 25.12.2006

Examination report - №4546, dated 21.12.2006

Statement of compliance with hygiene regulations by the Laboratory of Hygiene of New Chemicals and Preparations, with the Functions of Biomonitoring:

Gray hair product REMOLAN complies with the hygienic regulations (DSanPin, and was recommended for use.

№ 33.3/6427, dated 22.12.2006

Conformity Statement upon test results by Hygiene State Authority at the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine:

"Complies with the national hygiene and sanitary regulations in force, is safe for use."

№ 05.03.02-07/63503, dated 17.11.2006

Test minutes - №4547, dated 21.12.2006

Test minutes:

№4541, dated 21.12.2006

Certificate of Regular radiation control, by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine:

№ 37, dated 06.10.2003

Patented with the National Department for Intellectual Property, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on 18.05.2007

State registration Certificate № 20553

Conformity certificate, issued by the Ukrainian Gosstandart (Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification):

№ UA1.022.0033795-11






REMOLAN products are manufactured and certified in Ukraine.