Fitonova shampoo

                                  Fitonova revitalising shampoo - for your hair!

Fitonova Revitalizing Shampoo is designed with the need to care for problem (sore) hair and the safe use of a hair cleanser. The content of active ingredients in Fitonova shampoo provides highly effective hair care and cleanliness, stimulates hair growth and maintains its healthy condition. The presence of essential oils in the shampoo provides softness and protects the scalp from drying out. Minerals and trace elements of medicinal plants that make up the shampoo - provide nutrition to hair follicles and scalp cells.

 In the development of Fitonova shampoo, the experience of the production of Remolan soap, in particular its effect on the condition of the hair, was taken into account. The optimal form of compatibility of the hair detergent and herbal preparation for hair growth has been developed. Although Fitonova Repairing Shampoo is a hair cleanser, in fact, it is a hair care balm with a function of influencing both the hair and the hair roots. 
The difference in the use of Fitonova shampoo from Remolan soap is in ease of use and in obtaining softness and elasticity of the hair after washing. Fitonova shampoo leaves hair silky with a natural shine and easy to comb. Unlike other shampoos, Fitonova shampoo is free of fragrances, silicones, parabens, SLS, SLES and other harmful substances, so its consistency is less thick than traditional shampoos. Fitonova shampoo has a light scent of meadow herbs, it is golden in color, lathers well and is easily washed off with water. If the shampoo gets into the eyes. Shelf life when open is 12 months.

 The shampoo is available in a 250 ml bottle.

Fitonova revitalising shampoo 250 ml.

Fitonova revitalising shampoo 250 ml.

Fitonova revitalizing shampoo is recommended to improve the condition of problem hair in women and m..

180.00 грн.

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